Metal Web Joists


Suitable for both domestic and commercial use, metal web joists facilitate easy installation of services and produce a lightweight floor system in lengths up to 12 metres – available in various depths for design flexibility. Metal web floor beams are an “OPEN” web floor product with the benefits of lightweight kiln dried stress graded timber chords combined with the stiffness of a metal web construction.

These qualities combine to provide a high strength, lightweight floor beam that is engineered to precise dimensions in short or continuous lengths that provide the facility for fast and easy installation of services such as pipes, cabling trunking

 and ducts. The long lengths and wide joist widths improve the quality and speed of both floor decking and plasterboard ceilings, making this a very desirable floor system for both domestic and commercial applications.

 Open web beams can also be used as rafters to form wide, open plan attic space, or they can be designed as a stressed floor diaphragm as part of our space frame platform system.

Key Benefits:


 • Fully engineered

 • Service voids

 • Dimensional stability

 • Long continuous spans

 • Reduced site wastage and pilferage

 • Wide joist width for fixings

 • Lightweight

 • Improved floor rigidity

 • Improved sound and vibration    performance

 • Wide bearing width and strongbacks reduces the need for temporary bracing to maintain joists plumb

Metal web & I- Joists floor packages can also be designed to accommodate for floor screed and under floor heating. Creating a uniform floor and ceiling and removing a potential cold spot in two storey buildings.

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